—————————————————– Seafood —————————————————–

Tilapia Francese*

Tilapia filets seasoned, floured, egg washed, sauteed then finished with a lemon white wine butter sauce.
Small: (serves 8-10) $55.99 | Large: (serves 16-20) $110.99

Scrod Oreganato*

Filets of scrod, seasoned with salt, pepper, pepper flakes, oregano, sliced olives, crushed plum tomato, white wine, parsley & olive oil. Then baked.
Small: (serves 8-10) $85.00 | Large: (serves 16-20) $165.00

Salmon Lemon & Thyme*

Fresh filet of salmon lightly seasoned with salt, pepper, fresh thyme, slices of fresh lemons, butter & white wine. Simple but good.
Small: (serves 8-10) $80.00 | Large: (serves 16-20) $155.00

Striped Bass Rosemary & Mushrooms*

Filets seasoned with salt, pepper, mushrooms lightly sauteed with rosemary then poured over fish, drizzled with wine and baked off.
Small: (serves 8-10) $85.00 | Large: (serves 16-20) $165.00

Sole Florentine*

Sole lightly seasoned, dressed with garlic, white wine atop baby spinach and topped with lemon slices and fresh parsley.
Small: (serves 8-10) $103.99 | Large: (serves 16-20) $206.99

Baked Stuffed Filet of Sole*

Filets seasoned then topped with a stuffing blend of garlic, herbs, spinach, butter, shrimp & breading then rolled and topped with cracker crumble.
Small: (serves 8-10) $133.00 | Large: (serves 16-20) $265.00

Grilled Calamari Fagioli & Arugula*

Marinated tube and tentacle of calamari grilled, cut and dressed with cannellini beans, garlic, olive oil, fresh lemon, pepper flakes, zest, tomato vinaigrette & fresh parsley over arugula greens.
Small: (serves 8-10) $75.00 | Large: (serves 16-20) $150.00

—————————————————– Desserts —————————————————–

House Filled Canollis

Chocolate chip dipped ends, filled with our own ricotta filling.
Mini Dozen: $24.00 | Full Size Dozen: $48.00

—————————————————– Desserts | Whole Cakes —————————————————–

12 Slices.



N.Y. Style | Peanut Butter | Pumpkin | Nutella

Ricotta Cheesecake

Grand Marnier soaked raisins & ricotta. $50.00

Rectangular. $45.00

Tres Lech

Baked Fudgey Brownies
Call for pricing.

Gourmet Jumbo Cookies
Call for pricing.

Fresh Baked Italian Biscotti

Our Own Baked Jumbo Braided Breads
3 Lb. $9.00

Our Mini Round Baked Focaccias
8 oz. $5.00

—————————————————– Extras —————————————————–

Delivery & Set Up Fee Please Inquire!

Rent a Stand

Buy a Stand


Deep Aluminum Water Pans

Paper Plates
Per 100
Coated. $4.00

2 Ply Dinner Napkins
Per 250 $8.00

Medium Weight Utensils
Forks (dozen) will quote
Knives (dozen) will quote.
Spoons (dozen) will quote.
Clear Serving Utensils
Per pair.
Will quote.

Bags of Ice
5 lbs. $3.00

2 Litre Foxon Park Soda

Foam Cups
(Per 25) 12 oz.
Will quote.

*Thoroughly cooking meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs reduces the risk of food borne illness.

Prices are subject to additional charge and CT Sales Tax


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